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What You Should Expect from Your Financial Advisor

  • A Fiduciary Standard, to be acting in my best interest at all times.
  • To be informed with updates on my portfolio when the market changes.
  • Collaborate with my accountant for best practices on income needs and tax strategies.
  • Provide customized social security planning.
  • Work alongside my attorney on developing an estate plan.
  • Develop a plan for consolidation of my investments and accounts.
  • Online access for my immediate portfolio performance and account balances.
  • Accessible for all of my financial questions with quick response time.
  • Be a sounding board for my financial life matters.
  • Review my current investments and insurance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop my retirement income budget.
  • 401(k)/Pension Reviews
  • Host educational events and seminars for me to attend.