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Client Account Access

Starting September 12, 2022, how you previously accessed your accounts online might have a change going forward.  The newest online platform to view and access your accounts is AdviceWorks.  This is a single sign-on application that allows you to link all outside accounts for viewing in one place.  If you have not already logged into AdviceWorks, please reach out to us via phone call or text at (920) 339-9800 to request an invite.


Also starting on September 12, 2022, NetXInvestor users will need to use the "Financial Org" 3KZ for Cetera Advisors (in place of A1N, which was First Allied).

Pershing LLC

Albridge is a data feed platform that will take some time to transition all accounts over.  Below is the new Albridge link for Cetera Advisors.  If you have a previous bookmark for Albridge, please delete as this will be static information as of September 9, 2022.